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Card #25: Terrestrial Biodiversity

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Animals and plants are affected by the changes in temperature and the disruption of the water cycle. They may migrate or go extinct. Some may thrive and proliferate.


Today, the Earth's biodiversity is being undermined above all by factors other than climate change, such as deforestation, disappearance of natural habitats, use of pesticides and various forms of pollution. However, climate change will largely contribute to the disappearance of species in the coming decades.

Facilitation advice

Very often this card is equated with animal biodiversity. However, it refers to both plant and animal biodiversity. If the participants only talk about animal diversity, it may be interesting to ask them to define what they call biodiversity.




Other possible links

Other causes

  • Agriculture Pesticides (especially Round-up or neonicotinoids) come to mind here. No link with the climate, but an interesting link to make.
  • Deforestation Deforestation causes a huge loss of biodiversity[1]. To animal biodiversity because forests are hosts to many species. The forest biodiversity index fell by 53% between 1970 and 2014. And also to plant biodiversity, as 8,000 of the 60,000 known tree species are considered endangered.

Other consequences

Wrong links

Wrong consequences

  • Agriculture It would be more logical to link to agricultural yields.